Evolution vs. God

On this website, dedicated to the primacy of Christ, we have indicated in many ways the importance of the doctrine of creation as presented by Sacred Scripture and Tradition. If Adam is not a real, historical person, then this mars our belief in the New Adam, Jesus Christ. If the body of Adam was not created from the elements of the earth directly by God with all of its dignity, we offend Christ who took the body of Adam’s race in the Incarnation. If Adam’s body was not formed from the terra virgo – the virgin earth, then the entire Scriptural-Patristic parallel of the New Adam being made from from the Virgin Mary is thrown out the window.

Faith in evolution – and due to the lack of evidence one has to believe in it – places more credence in an unscientific theory of fallible men than in God who reveals Himself as the Creator, in Jesus the Son of God who confirms that “the Creator, from the beginning, made them male and female” (Mt 19:4), in the Church who has never ceased to proclaim the special creation of Adam, father of the entire human race, and in empirical science which, by definition, is the study of things that can be observed and reproduced.

Please keep your eye on this and watch how the mass media will try anything to cover up, defame, discredit, etc. the evidence against evolution which this film makes apparent: