The Patristic view of the universe: Adam – Christ

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We have seen how Christ is the beginning of God’s creation and how Adam was created with a view to Christ. Theistic evolution, if accepted, throws the entire Adam-Christ parallel of the Scripture and the Church Fathers into tilt; it imposes an entirely different world view upon us which overturns the Christocentric worldview and replaces it with a scientific theory which, in many cases, attempts to uphold an evolutionary process in the formation of man’s body as dogmatically true and creation as a mere fable.

In a straightforward presentation Hieromonk Ambrose (an Russian Orthodox priest and monk) shows the importance and the ramifications of embracing the Christocentric view of the cosmos as presented by the Church Fathers. Please take the time to listen to his insights.

Creation vs. Evolution by Hieromonk Ambrose (aka. Fr. Alexey Young)

Description from the website:

Today the modern theory of evolution is accepted by most people as hard science, even by many Orthodox Clergy and Laity. However, this lecture exposes the doctrine of Evolution as a great error which is not based upon science at all, but upon a false Atheistic Faith and erroneous fabrications. The patristic view of a universe created by God is set forth, and the felt need of many Christians to harmonize these two incompatible faiths is also dismissed. (audio time 55:46) This lecture has been posted with the blessing of Hieromonk Ambrose (Father Alexey Young) and made available in mp3 format.

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